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    Yesterday, the 17th October 2018, was National Burns Awareness Day and the launch of our latest website – Supporting Children With Burns. We were approached back in April by Dr Jennifer Heath of the Centre for Appearance Research UWE Bristol, who wanted us to develop a support website that was parent focused, peer informed

Making the most of mobile in 2018!

2017 was a big year for the mobile web as its usage has finally overtaken desktop for browsing. No longer are we always sat at our desks when using the web, we’re on the train, on the bus, on a plane or simply on the sofa! This means as web designers we need to be

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Dujour website screenshot

Bold Typography – Is it making a return?

Years ago we often used big, bold typography to say “HEY! LOOK AT ME!” but as everyone started using it, it became less effective and companies started to get more creative. However roll on now to 2017 and I’ve started to see more and more websites go back to the classic BIG, BOLD, Beautiful fonts!

I was having a bit of a Sunday browse when I came across a post showing this absolute gem that has a true 90’s throwback style. It made me smile, but also made me realise how far we have come along in the design world. Take a look at this website called Arngren. I can’t even


Cherish Moments go-live!

Success! Cherish Moments is now live! This website was a lot of fun to make. This is an example of an excellent Milton Keynes based company that really strives to ensure customer receive only the best quality products. The web design needs of this project presented some interesting challenges, but from that a beautiful website

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Mobile-first design is pretty much all in the name. Its the process of designing a website for mobile first, then working up to the bigger screens. Typically in the past it was the other way around but with more and more people using their mobiles for browsing its no big surprise the design world is

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